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  • 25 Super Bowl Tweets I Thought Were Really Funny When I Was Drunk Yesterday

    Each week I put my potential drinking problem to work for the internet, polishing off an entire bottle of wine while scouring Twitter for some dank Tweets. This week, however, I replaced the wine with, I don’t know, 6 or 7 beers, and went all in on Super Bowl LII tweets. Here’s what was funny, at least at the […] More

  • 39 Times Facebook Needed A Cringe Button

    Reactions are great and all, but how the hell am I supposed to express the feeling of extreme discomfort with a thumbs up or little laughing face? A sad face is close, but just not quite there. Here’s my case for adding a “Cringe” reaction… 39. 38. 37. More

  • 18 People Were Kind Of A**holes But Also Completely Hilarious In 2017

    We love hilarious people, and we love them even when they’re kind of dicks. It’s better when they’re not being dicks to you, of course. 2017 was a great year for watching hilarious people be dicks to others, and hopefully not too many people were a dick to you this year. If they were, we […] More

  • 47 Memes You Need To Send To Your Co-Workers ASAP

    In the immortal words of Blink-182, “work sucks, I know.” Between pointless meetings that could have easily been summed up in an email and being shamed into putting $10 towards Carol’s birthday gift, even though Carol sucks and constantly takes credit for your work, you’ve gotta find time to blow off a little steam. Here […] More

  • 16 Tweets That Make Less Sense Every Time You Read Them

    You think you’re weird? You’re not weird. You work part-time at the Weird Annex. These people have a corner office on the top floor of Weird Inc. They are committed to weird. They have “WTF” knuckle tats, and that’s not even enough letters. Know why? Because they’re f*cking weird. Anyways, here are some of them […] More

  • People Are Adding Clever Turkey Puns To Movie Titles, And We’re Very Thankful

    Get it? “People Are Adding Clever Turkey Puns To Movie Titles, And We’re Very Thankful.” Because Thanksgiving and also the article is about puns? Anyone? Ok, sorry about that. Good news though, the fine people of Twitter spit a much meaner pun game than I do and recently thousands of would-be Twitter comedians lit up the #AddATurkeyToAFilm hashtag […] More

  • 7 Playboy Playmates Recreate Their Own Covers Decades Later

    Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, there weren’t many places a young, curious boy could see a naked woman. National Geographic, scrambled softcore cable porn late at night, and Playboy. That’s pretty much it. Of the three, naturally, Playboy had no real competition. Plus, “the articles were amazing.” Well, Playboy photographers Ben Miller and […] More

  • 29 Tweets That Got Over 25,000 Retweets, For Obvious Reasons

    Up until very recently, there was no way to objectively measure whether something was good or not. Thankfully, internet points were invented and changed all of that. A “like” is decent, but the real currency is retweets. If something has a lot of retweets, it’s good. That’s a fact. And that’s why we know you’ll […] More

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