Woman Taken Into Custody After Sending Man 65,000 Texts After One Date

An Arizona woman was taken into custody this week after she allegedly stalked a guy she met online after they went on one date.

According to ABC News, Jacqueline Ades sent a guy over 65,000 text messages over the span of several months after they had gone on one date together. The two had met online and went on one date in 2017, but, the man (whose name has been withheld) decided he was uninterested in pursuing a relationship further.

Instead of taking no for an answer, Ades stalked, harassed, and called the man non-stop, along with the insane amount of text messages. The Paradise Valley Police Department reported that they also responded to calls in that Ades had “gone to the man’s house numerous times,” as well as his place of work.

This time, Ades was taken into custody for breaking into the man’s house and “taking a bath in his tub.” She also had a knife in her car–which, she claimed via text messages she wanted to use to “harm him,” and “wear his body parts.”


Some of the text messages uncovered by police read things about how she planned to harm the man if he ever tried to leave her. She now faces charges of “stalking, threatening, and intimidating,” as well as “a misdemeanor count of harassment.”

h/t ABC.