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  • 40 Kids You’re Only Allowed To Laugh At If You Disappoint Your Parents On The Regs

    Between pranks, misfortunes and downright idiocy, these kids know a thing or two about how to disappoint their parents: 1. This diabolical phone-stealer. lol, I changed "no" on my mom and dads phones — Brendan Gatward (@BrendanG_123) August 30, 2015 2. These kids, whose mom isn’t even phased anymore. Tried to prank my mom, […] More

  • 20+ Priceless Tweets That Should Be Printed On A Damn T-Shirt

    Twitter may be a steaming pile of garbage sometimes, but it can also be a treasure trove of hilarious and perfect sentiments. In fact, looking at Twitter can occasionally put you in a downright chipper and upbeat mood. If you ever need evidence of this fact, then look no further: 1. We're up all night […] More

  • Stormy Daniels Says She Kept The Dress From Her Trump Affair, And Will Have It Tested For DNA

    Thanks to a prickly nondisclosure agreement, porn star Stormy Daniels has seemingly flip-flopped on her story about her 2006 sexual affair with Donald Trump. Though Daniels gave a tell-all interview to InTouch, she later rescinded her comments after signing an agreement with Trump’s team in 2016. However, Trump attorney Michael Cohen apparently breached the agreement […] More

  • This ‘Punny’ Egg Advertisement Is So Freaking Weird, It’s Making People Rip Their Hair Out

    Marketing companies and ad agencies aren’t always in their element when it comes to creating promotional puns. If you need any further proof, just check out the bizarre Pringles holiday ad campaign, which somehow glossed over the best Chistmas-themed puns of all time. Seriously, guys … what were you thinking? Agency: So we're thinking either […] More

  • Kris Jenner Spent Valentine’s Day Doing Drunk Karaoke, And You’d Better Believe There’s Video

    When the Kardashians celebrate, there is almost assuredly going to be at least a little bit of drama — even if “drama” just means “Kris Jenner acting spectacularly drunk on camera.” Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, so Kris Jenner apparently decided to celebrate by throwing a full Valentine’s Day dinner for her brood, which included Kim, Kanye, Khloé, […] More

  • Uh, Surprise, Amy Schumer Went And Got Married Without Telling Any Of Us

    We all know (and love) Amy Schumer — but some of us might not be so familiar with her partner, Chris Fischer. Fischer is the renowned chef behind the James Beard Award-winning Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, and owner of Beach Plum, one of Barack and Michelle Obama’s favorite restaurants.  The two only recently confirmed their relationship when […] More

  • 17 Horrific Dating Stories That’ll Make You Say ‘Hey, My Life Isn’t So Bad’

    Sure, going out on dates can be fun and exciting, potentially leading to new relationships (or even just decent sex) — unfortunately, the probability of having one of these “good” dates is rarely in your favor. You’re far more likely to wind up seated across from someone nice yet underwhelming, with whom you experience zero chemistry […] More

  • Disturbing Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface Against Shaun White

    NBC may be peddling snowboarder Shaun White’s “comeback” story at this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, but the narrative is somewhat at odds with White’s recently resurfaced history of sexual harassment. It recently came to light that White was apparently involved in a sexual harassment case in 2016 involving former bandmate Lena Zawaideh, who played drums […] More

  • Blake Lively Just Got Super Honest About Losing Her Baby Weight On Instagram

    Blake Lively is a fairly funny, down-to-Earth person, particularly for a celebrity. Not only does she happily use her Instagram account to troll her wickedly devious husband, Ryan Reynolds … … but she also avoids posting a bunch of fitness-centric lifestyle posts and manages to operate her social media presence in a fairly grounded and relatable […] More

  • If This Wax Statue Is Supposed To Resemble Beyoncé Knowles, Then I’m Calling The Cops

    Beyoncé may be the closest thing we have to an American monarchy, but, for some reason, wax sculptors have an astoundingly difficult time capturing her essence in mannequin form. There is a long, rich history of terrible Beyoncé wax figurines, ranging from unrecognizable to straight-up offensive. There’s this “Beyoncé,” who looks remarkably like Lindsay Lohan. […] More

  • Chrissy Teigen Expertly Shut Down A Journalist For Her Offensive Comments About Immigrants

    Figure skater Mirai Nigasu became the first American woman (and the third women ever) to land a triple-axel during Olympic competition on Sunday night. Spoiler alert: it was incredible to witness. "HOLY COW!" You just witnessed a historic triple axel from Mirai Nagasu. #WinterOlympics — NBC Olympics (@NBCOlympics) February 12, 2018 This historic […] More

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