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People Are Sharing The Worst Ways They Ever Ruined A Date (15 Stories)

If dating were easy, there probably wouldn’t be thousands of apps dedicated to making you hate it less.

It’s inevitable that the dating phase of any relationship is super susceptible to f**k-ups and awkwardness. After all, you’re getting to know each other, and that doesn’t always come naturally (especially if you’re forced to sit down at dinner and pretend you’re NOT sizing each other up).

However, it should comfort you to know that, regardless of how much you might screw up on a date, you will still probably never screw up more than these Redditors on r/TIFU:

15. This is why Austin Powers references are CANCELED.

TIFU by telling a first date that I eat my skin flakes. from tifu

14. To be fair, choosing between chocolate and sex is kind of a Sophie’s Choice.

TIFU by buying a bar of chocolate. from tifu

13. Don’t go on a date with Norman Bates, ladies.

TIFU by going to a guy’s house for a first date from tifu

12. Wrestling is sexy — until it isn’t.

TIFU by knocking out my date from tifu

11. I mean, at least they’ll have a hilarious story to tell their grandkids…?

TIFU by going on an OKCupid date. Ended up in Jail. from tifu

10. Honestly, this guy sounds like he’s a champ.

TIFU By smoking weed with this guy I’m trying to woo, then getting the worst case of the fear ever from tifu

9. Remember: karma is real, and karma will f**k up your casual dating life.

TIFU by going on a Tinder date from tifu

8. Maybe try dating someone with a sense of humor next time?

TIFU by joking with a date I was a serial killer. from tifu

7. Don’t try out any crazy pubic landscaping right before a date.

TIFU by trimming my pubes before a date from tifu

6. Asking for a name is usually a good rule of thumb.

TIFU by going on the wrong date from tifu