A Museum For ‘Retired’ Ventriloquist Dummies Exists And It’s As Terrifying As It Sounds

Hey, you know what’s even more terrifying than clowns? Ventriloquist dummies. Especially a whole museum full of dummies whose owners have died, and who are now probably inhabited by those very souls (at least, I assume that’s what happens). Welcome to Vent Haven Museum.

A Twitter user going by Monterey Jack (@Chan315) sent out a tweet on Thursday reminding everyone of the existence of Vent Haven, a museum full of donated dummies. He included four pictures and added, “Look at this place. You’d not stop screaming from the moment you walked through the door.” This is absolutely, unequivocally, one hundred percent true. I may have screamed a bit just from looking.

The tweet went viral, garnering over 13,000 retweets and 32,000 likes. Here’s a look at those pictures of Vent Haven Museum up close. You’re going to look. You don’t want to look, but you will. Loooooook.

Hmm, something about the middle picture seems a little odd. Oh, there it is. A HUMAN HIDING AMONG THE DOLLS.

Here you go, here are some terrifying close-ups of individual dummies that make up Vent Haven’s collection.

Someone replied that the Vent Haven dolls reminded him of “Charlie,” this terrifying creature that his eldest son thinks “keeps the bad things away.” I think Charlie IS a bad thing, and definitely comes alive at night to whisper evil suggestions into the boy’s ear while he sleeps. Just a theory.

Apparently I’m not alone in being worried about ol’ Charlie.

Yeah, that’s probably for the best.

Actually, this film is definitely not needed.

Someone commented on how very unnecessary the “please do not handle” sign on one of the dolls is because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD TOUCH ONE OF THESE THINGS?

This question is terrifying and the answer even more so.

No. Just no.

Anyone else think Vent Haven is reminiscent of the clown house that was for sale a while ago?

Or that 80s horror movie, Dolls?

Basically, Vent Haven is a museum just about no one wants to visit, except maybe on a dare. Certainly not a place you’d want to go after watching Annabelle.