10 Things Women Worry About That Guys Don’t Care About At All

It’s funny how women think guys care about so many things don’t actually matter to us at all. Ladies, if you’re obsessing about any of the below, you can relax: we couldn’t care less.

  1. Whether your hair is perfect. We love you and don’t even notice. Unless you’re rocking a pink mohawk, we’re down with whatever. (And hey, we might even be down with the pink mohawk too, depending on the guy!)
  2. Where we go to eat dinner or what you order. FFS, if you want the burger, get the damn burger already! No one’s impressed when you order salad 16 dates in a row. In fact, it’s weird.
  3. Whether your skin is breaking out. We don’t even notice. We don’t even know what this means.
  4. If you make more than us. To be perfectly honest, it’s great to have someone take some financial pressure off. There’s no reason a lady can’t pay for dinner once in a while. Make a guy feel special!
  5. If you have a few extra pounds. Trust me on this—you probably look better. Who wants to date an emaciated waif? Men like curves. Obviously we want you to take care of yourself, but beyond that, we’re pretty much cool with whatever.
  6. If you want to wear sweatpants out for dinner. Newsflash: guys are actually turned on by the casual look. When we want to go to the diner down the street, feel free to rock some sweats and throw on a baseball cap too.
  7. If you’re taller. We’re not sure where this notion that guys are insecure about dating taller women originated, but it’s nonsense. In fact, it’s a sign of self-confidence when a guy is cool with a taller woman, and most of us are.
  8. If you’re older. Kind of like the height thing, this is a phony issue. Who said guys were only into younger women? It’s absurd. Men like dating women, not girls.
  9. Your Instagram persona. Instagram is Insta-narcissism. We don’t care about your carefully curated public image. That’s not who you are and not who we want to chill with.
  10. What your friends think. About anything. Ever. Yes, that sounds cold, but it’s true. We care about what you think. If we cared about what you’re friend thought we’d be dating her. Guys have limited bandwidth for emotional investment in other people’s opinions. Yours is about as far as we can go.

Kevan Huston – Kevan is an eater of sushi, a runner of many miles, and a listener of soul. If you want to connect with Kevan, you can find him on Blogspot, and Twitter.