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    Ryan Reynolds Mocked Mark Wahlberg’s Schedule With His Own Weirder One

    Being hot is a big component of most celebrities’ jobs. If we knew what kind of work they put into maintaining that hotness, we’d probably think their lives are pretty strange. I know that, because it’s exactly what happened to Mark Wahlberg when he shared his daily routine on Instagram. Most of his day is […] More

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    We’ve All Been Saying Chrissy Teigen’s Name Wrong

    You know how when you’ve been calling someone at work John for a month and then find out he’s actually named Jay, but for some reason never corrected you? That’s how the whole Internet feels about it’s queen, Chrissy Teigen, right now. As you’re reading her name, you’re probably pronouncing it a certain way in […] More

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    Venus Williams’ Dad Defending Her As A Teen Is Absolute Parenting Goals

    Long before Venus and Serena Williams came to be the women dominating tennis that we know today, they were teens dominating tennis. Both girl attended the the tennis academy of Rick Macci, a United States Professional Tennis Association Master Professional, who coached them in Florida. Though they had lots of professional help their biggest coach was, in a […] More