Viral Video Of Three Customers Yelling At Sears Cashier Is Making Retail Workers Everywhere Say ‘SMH’

Retail workers put up with so much aggravating sh*t on a daily basis that they honestly deserve their own national holiday. Getting yelled at by furious customers who don’t seem to understand that you, as an employee, have zero power ought to be worth some sort of country-wide recognition.

Case in point: a clip of customers making a scene in a store which recently made the rounds on Twitter.

On Monday, Twitter user David Sosa posted a video clip with the caption “Welcome to Mesquite, Texas.” The clip features three angry women yelling at cashiers in a Sears over an apparent error one of their receipts.

One of the cashiers began filming the preposterous overreactions to the situation. The women repeatedly insisted that if the video ended up on “YouTube or Facebook,” they would “SUE YOU.”

Sosa got around this little informal loophole by uploading the video to Twitter, where it quickly went viral — because nothing gives people quite as much schadenfreude as rude customers getting their comeuppance.

Of course, everyone was curious as to whether or not the irate ladies in question actually decided to go through with legal action, since the video did go viral (albeit not via YouTube or Facebook).

Of course, the whole situation was ripe for comedy, and Twitter wasted no time in dragging these three nightmarish customers and their horde of bored offspring.

The biggest takeaway, though? The fact that retail workers everywhere deserve major props for putting up with sh*t like this on a semi-regular basis.

It’s honestly baffling that customers are still oblivious to the fact that their brash words and actions will end up on someone’s phone, more often than not — and that it’s usually best to avoid embarrassing public scuffles if you’re terribly concerned about ending up on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter.

Thoughts ‘n prayers go out to these ladies’ nonexistent attorney, though.