All Hail This Waitress, Who Bodyslammed A Customer After He Casually Groped Her

In the wake of the Time’s Up and Me Too movements, women have been more comfortable with coming forward to talk about sexual assault and harassment they have experienced.
While it has been a long time coming, it’s empowering to see such brave and courageous women standing up for themselves and women all across the world who have been the victim of these traumatic experiences. As women all over the world watched Harvey Weinstein–one of the top Hollywood executives–be taken down from his high pedestal, it gave us all hope for a better tomorrow for men and women everywhere.

Now, women feel more comfortable discussing the things they have endured, and, some are even finding the courage to speak up immediately when it’s happening. Recently, a video went viral online of a waitress who was on a shift at a restaurant when she experienced sexual assault from a customer walking by.

The waitress had her back turned while doing something at her station.

The customer decided to inappropriately grope her as her back was turned.

But, he didn’t realize he was messing with the wrong waitress, because she sprung into action almost instantly.

People online everywhere were praising the waitress for standing up for herself and were disgusted by the customer’s behavior.


Remember people, keep your hands to yourselves.