6 Date Ideas That Will Get Her Attention

Not every date should be at a bar or restaurant. Get out in the world and get to know someone in a different setting. Picking a date place and activity that’s out of the norm will signal to a girl that you’re thoughtful and curious—and that you’re really into her. It also speaks to a romantic side that girls will love. You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

  1. Cook up some romance. What about trying a chef’s class at Sur La Table or another cooking class at a local restaurant or social club? There’s something intimate and connective about socializing while shucking snap peas.
  2. Get moving. Nothing beats a walk in the park with a special someone. Strolling on a path along a river or pond while the sun is setting is hard to beat for romance. It sounds cliche, but that’s only because it’s such a classically romantic date idea.
  3. Home is where the heart is. Here’s a hilarious and fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon with someone you’ve been seeing for a bit: go check out high-end open houses! You’ll have a blast sampling free food and wine and learning about each other’s tastes and preferences. And hey, you might actually end up living together one day, so why not dream big?
  4. Indoor skydiving. This is insanely fun if you’ve never tried it. You’ll both laugh so hard and have an amazing adrenaline rush. It’s just good clean fun.
  5. Hobby time. Crash a cool or esoteric hobby get together like a classic car show or model airplane competition. It’s pretty cool as an outside to wander into a specialized knowledge event like these. It shows you’re playful and curious, and also gives you the chance to see if she is too.
  6. Balloon rides. These are about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. So beautiful and peaceful and no woman can resist. They’re expensive, but she’s worth it, right?

Kevan Huston – Kevan is an eater of sushi, a runner of many miles, and a listener of soul. If you want to connect with Kevan, you can find him on Blogspot, and Twitter.