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    People Reveal The Hottest NSFW Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

    To each his or her own. Everyone has their turn-ons and fetishes, and for some people, it’s a memory of a previous sexually-charged encounter that gets them going. There are some moments, or things said that are so hot and nasty and we remember them forever and still get almost as turned on as when […] More

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    Katie Couric Gets Roasted On Twitter After Her Puzzling Comments About The Dutch

    NBC has brought on some nontraditional hires to help with their unrelenting coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics from PyeongChang, South Korea. SNL all-star Leslie Jones is live-tweeting the events with unbridled enthusiasm and extreme hilarity, for example. The Peacock also brought back beloved former Today host and news anchor Katie Couric to do some […] More

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    After Podium Sweep At The Olympics, The Netherlands Celebrated By Trolling Trump

    President Donald Trump pushed, clawed, and bullied his way into office on an “America First” platform. At first listen that sounds okay—“yeah, America is great, we should take of ourselves.” But it’s really just a more euphemistic way of saying “Make America Great Again,” of which the second, unstated part is, “at the expense of […] More

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    The Special Gloves At The Winter Olympics Are The Internet’s Newest Meme

    The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea. And they opened as they usually do with the, uh, Opening Ceremony. The highlight of the evening is a parade of athletes, in which the contingents from each participating country proudly march into and through the main Olympic venue and wave. Team USA was there, […] More

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    People Are Having A Real Hard Time Opening This Gelato Brand’s Tubs

    A company called Talenti makes really, really good gelato. We’re talking next level ice cream, extremely sweet and rich and creamy. The main difference between ice cream and gelato: Gelato, traditionally prepared in Italy, is churned slower than ice cream, and it’s much more dense because there’s less air whipped into it. Some people are loyal […] More

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    Video Of Every Visual Effects Oscar-Winning Movie In History Emerges Online

    There are pretty much two kinds of movies: awards movies and blockbusters. Awards movies, also known as “Oscar bait” or “good movies” are, well, the kinds movies that win awards, specifically Oscars—artful, well-made films that speak to the soul by revealing something about the human condition or shine a light on a historical moment. In […] More

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