People Share The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests They’ve Ever Gotten And Just…Wow

Hams down the weirdest one yet

Not me but a female friend told me this one of her BF.
He asked her to tie him up on a slightly tall wooden chair, gag him, have just a small incandescent lightbulb swinging around with just enough light to see her but not completely. She had to stand on a slightly taller chair, wearing boots and wearing as much leather as possible. She should yell at him in her native language (Thai) or anything that didn’t really make sense to him and slap him around a bit. This was all set up for the grand finale. She should throw full pieces of baloney at his face bare chest. The baloney needs to be Oscar Mayer.
Call me an old fashioned country folk but I found this a tad bit odd.

HEY, you never know…maybe she was like 2%:

I need to know more:

Well I had a person ask to keep a rubber duck between us, so that it would squeak while we had sex.