10+ People Reveal The Most Outrageous Thing They’ve Seen A Guest Do At A Wedding

A wedding is a day of love, one that represents the joining of two human souls as one. Weddings are the best!

But that’s not to say that they always go perfectly. Actually, the various individual factors that make up a wedding almost seem designed to work together to cause trouble. Think about it: free booze, resentful singles, in-laws…the list goes on and on.

In the following Reddit thread, user JM-Rie posed the following question: “What is the most outrageous thing you’ve seen another guest do during a wedding?” And OH BOY the answers will make you cringe, laugh, and potentially even cry.

19. The guest who ate all the dessert.

Not outrageous and not another guest but I was 10 and I ate too many cupcakes and I went into the bathroom and threw up.


18. And the ones who danced like turtles.

There’s a scene in Animal House where John Belushi screams, “TURTLE!!” on a dance floor and lays on the floor like a turtle stuck on its back. I once saw an entire group of people at a wedding reception do this.


17. The bride who wanted to get it over with.

Be never been able to decide whether this was a scumbag move or a pro move. Saw this go down when I used to do catering. The groom was way more into the whole wedding industrial complex than the bride and planned the entire thing. He decorated the venue by himself the day of.

During the ceremony, the bride cut off the officiant during the vows saying, “yeah yeah yeah just marry us already.” It didn’t read like, “I’m so excited to marry this person I can’t wait for you to finish this speech!” More like, “Can we get this over with already so I can get drunk?”


16. The party favor hoarders:

We left wedding favors along the table for our guests, and one family arrived early so just picked apart all the boxes to eat their favorite sweets. In hindsight, we definitely should have held the favors back to give at the end, but they looked pretty ?


15. The brothers who got lost:

Actually me and my brother. We were in the desert at our cousin’s wedding, and after hitting up the open bar for a few rounds we decided to walk into to the open desert. The two of us ended up walking a few miles into the middle of nowhere and saying “yep were lost”.

The sound from the wedding traveled pretty far so we were able to hear it from the top of a hill and find our way back. We totally fucked up our clothes though. Also, only our parents realised we were gone. 7/10 wedding, would have open bar again.


14. The bouncer who pulled a gun on kids:

Happened to me when I was like 9, it was my cousins wedding and me and my other cousins were playing in the lobby of the banquet hall (like normal 9-year-olds) when all of a sudden a dude who works at the hall yells at us, he was one of the security dudes, my older cousin tells him to eat a butt, so he f**king whips out a gun that was underneath his jacket and point it at us. I ran and told my dad who then told my cousin, who was the one getting married and the police were called.

The dude was arrested for having a gun without a license and something else I can’t remember.


13. The guests who stole stuff:

Steal bottles of champagne and flower arrangements.

The couple had bought their own alcohol and was paying a corkage fee to the reception venue. One guest assumed it was free booze and was filling the boot of their car with bottles off all the tables. The bride’s mother noticed her walking off with the centrepiece off a table and followed to see what the fuck she was doing. Cheeky twat was quickly ejected.


12. The guest who overdosed:

Overdosed on heroin. The groom stepped out in front of the venue for air. Found his cousin on the ground in the parking lot turning blue.


11. The best man who stole the spotlight:

Best man used his best man speech to propose to his girlfriend. And no, he did not run by the groom first.


10. The cousin who broke the wedding dress code:

My cousin wore white, then tracked us down as we were trying to make our entrance as husband and wife demanded us to pose for a picture then walked with us for the entrance.