People Share The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests They’ve Ever Gotten And Just…Wow

~Modern Romance~

Once back when my girlfriend and I started dating we were out of lube, and things were getting a little too frictiony for comfort. Unfortunately I was pretty de hydrated at this point and my mouth was bone dry, so I asked her to spit in my hand so we could get back to it. What she heard though was “smell my hand” and so mid sex stops, smells it, and says “uhhh ya that smells like my vagina I guess”. When I stopped laughing I explained and then she started laughing and now we’re still dating almost 3 years later.

Is this like, a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sort of situation?

To talk dirty about how my body is inflating while we have sex. Obviously, my body wasn’t actually inflating, but I sure pretended it was. I love this man, odd fetish and all.

If there are any breast/butt/stomach expansion/inflation/whathaveyou fetishists out there that can give me some tips on this I’d really appreciate it.

Well, what did it feel like?

To put my toes in her vagina. “I wanna know what it feels like.” This only happened once, and nothing about feet has ever come up since. We had a good run…