15 Cheaters And How They Got Caught Screwing Around

While we can almost unanimously agree that cheating should be frowned upon, that doesn’t mean that cheating isn’t a legitimate issue in modern relationships. Everyone knows it’s wrong, but, unfortunately, that’s usually part of the appeal. The only positive aspect of cheating is that, eventually, the truth comes out and the cheated person in question finally has the satisfaction of either leaving a toxic relationship or working things out.

A recent AskReddit thread prompted all the former cheaters of Reddit to share how their significant other “caught” them. There was a surprising number of responses, most of which were actually from the people who had been cheated on (because Reddit isn’t great at following instructions, but, whatever).

After reading these, the moral of the story seems pretty obvious: if you’re a cheater, modern technology is not your friend.

Oh, also, maybe don’t cheat.

1. OfficeOrnament can never look at Pokémon the same way again:

I caught my ex thanks to fucking Pokémon Go of all things.

She mentioned Pokémon Go was using lots of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I proceeded to show her and proved to her it wasn’t by pointing out Tinder was using much more data…

It was sad but also funny the way it went down.

2. Costco_Time_Machine ran into too many familiar people on Craigslist:

Advertised myself on Craigslist Casual Encounters and her brother-in-law found me on there. It wasn’t until some time later I questioned what he was doing in there also.

3. lilwil392 is basically a Snapchat Sherlock:

Back in the day Snapchat used to tell you the top three friends if any of your friends. I saw that I was number one, her best friend was number three, and some dude co-worker was number two. I later logged into her voxer account and was able to hear conversations between her and said dude where she’d say things like she can’t wait to run her handa through his hair and then the pinnacle when he asked her if his jizz tasted different after drinking pineapple monster energy drink. She said she doesn’t usually taste it and just swallows it and that she’ll have to pay more attention next time. Confronted her and she’s telling me I’m taking it out of context. Yea, cuz that’s normal conversation between male and female coworkers.