People Share The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests They’ve Ever Gotten And Just…Wow

The term ‘bizarre’ is a subjective one, especially when it comes to bedroom deeds. One man’s vanilla is another man’s fetish, and nobody deserved to be kink-shamed unless they’re actively harming another human being.

That being said, the following are some truly strange requests which have been pulled from an AskReddit thread and assembled here, for your reading pleasure.

Maybe she was just trying to conceal carry?

Wait, you can work out your jaw?

I have some fairly pronounced jaw muscles, probably because I grind my teeth while I sleep? Anyways it would really turn my gf on when I would flex them. She would usually offer me a piece of gum before sexy time she liked it so much. She would send me nudes and I’d send videos of me chewing gum…

The perks of dating an actor:

I dated a girl who wanted me to use an aggressive Scottish accent when we had sex.

I’m an actor. So I did it.

It was hot, no lie.