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The Daily Show Just Trolled President Trump’s Latest Twitter Rant—And We Love It

At long last, it’s finally Awards Show Season! It’s that magical time of year in Hollywood where movie studios put their best movies and best foot forward, all in the hopes of attracting as many “way to make a good movie” trophies as possible. Why? Because a big awards show win can mean tens of millions of dollars in box office or home video revenues—not to mention the prestige and glory that comes along with it.

In the coming weeks and months we’ve got these awards shows and more to watch, make office pools for, and mock live as they happen on Twitter: The Academy Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards, the Critics’ Choice Awards…

First up is this weekend’s Golden Globes. That one recognize excellence in both movies and TV. Also paying attention to television is the “awards ceremony” that happens just the next day: The Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the Year. Never heard of that one? It’s new! And it’s apparently an actual event that President Donald Trump is making happen this coming Monday. It’s the flashiest strike yet in the president’s ongoing war with the “Fake News Media” that’s hellbent on destroying him by reporting what he says and does.

In response to this real news about “fake” news, Twitter collectively rolled its eyes at the former reality TV star.

But as is history’s way, nobody mocked the president more hilariously, smartly, and as perfectly as The Daily Show mocked the president.