Robert De Niro Officially Bans Donald Trump From Every Restaurant He Owns

As if I couldn’t love Robert De Niro anymore than I already do, he goes and does something I never knew I wanted to happen.
The award-winning actor, who co-owns the popular sushi restaurant Nobu with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, has officially banned the President of the United States from dining in any of the restaurant’s 20+ locations around the world.

De Niro told “Daily Mail,” that Donald Trump is not welcome in any of the restaurant’s locations, and he also would walk out of any restaurant if he saw Trump there. Chef Matsuhisa, however, doesn’t share in De Niro’s beliefs and said it would be “a dream” to cook for De Niro and Trump together.

Since the news broke, Twitter has been a huge fan of De Niro’s decision to ban the President–whom he hates (he’s been rather outspoken about it for…well…ever).