Roseanne Barr Just Compared Barack Obama’s Black Senior Adviser To An Ape On Twitter

TV sitcom star and rabid Trump supporter Roseanne Barr once again waded into a racist SNAFU of her own making when she attacked former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarett Tuesday morning. Barr suggested Jarrett, who was born in Iran, was the product of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organization and the film “Planet of the Apes” in a tweet which many are decrying as blatantly racist.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” wrote Barr in a since-deleted tweet, referencing Jarrett’s initials while responding to a tweet accusing the former Obama adviser of helping “hide” unlawful Obama-era spying.

During the Obama years, right-wing blogs such as InfoWars loved to promote the idea that Jarrett was using her position of power to insidiously spread Islam in the United States. Many still continue to “report” that she is currently colluding with former President Obama to “oust” Donald Trump from the presidency.

Last night, Barr also took the time to tweet out yet another batsh*t conspiracy theory, this time linking billionaire liberal donor George Soros to former Presidential First Daughter Chelsea Clinton in what she believes to be a plan to overthrow the “us constitutional republic” by paying attention to “feelings” and ignoring xenophobia.

“Soros’ goal; the overthrow of us constitutional republic by buying/backing candidates 4 local district attorney races who will ignore US law & favor ‘feelings’ instead-and call everyone who is alarmed by that ‘racist,” tweeted Barr, a message which was presumably meant to explain her previous tweet, “Chelsea Soros Clinton.”

Right-wing blogs and activists portray Soros — a notorious backer of liberal causes — of bankrolling anti-Trump demonstrations and liberal movements such as ANTIFA, BLM, and MarchForOurLives. Early Tuesday morning, Clinton responded to Barr by refuting her familial connection to George Soros:

In response, Barr acknowledged that Clinton is not married to Soros’ nephew, but it came at the high cost of her self-spiral into an unhinged series of rage-tweets.

Barr then proceeded to retweet a bunch of pro-Trump and anti-Clinton messages, many including the terms “liberal elites,” “Spygate,” and “hoax,” (all randomly capitalized, natch) before tweeting out an apology to Valerie Jarrett.

Barr promised to leave Twitter, but came back five minutes later to apologize again and maintain that her overtly racist Tuesday morning tweet was a “joke.”

Many on Twitter continue to wonder how and why ABC still allows Roseanne Barr to have a television show.

Especially considering how much backlash Michelle Wolf’s Sarah Huck eyeliner joke received.

UPDATE: ABC has canceled Roseanne’s show and issued a statement condemning her tweets: “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” said ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey.