This Video Of A Heroic Woman Snatching The Wig Off A Guy In ‘Blackface’ Is Pure Fire

In these increasingly depressing modern times, it seems that blatant racism is still something that people think they can get away with, free of consequence. That’s really the only possible explanation for why someone would dress up in “blackface” and go out in public.

Recently, Twitter user Tommy and his friend, Demi, were out at a club when they noticed that one of the guys in the smoking area appeared to be wearing a dreadlock wig and dark makeup on his skin. It is unclear whether the look was meant to be a tasteless joke or was some weird, Rachel Dolezal-esque attempt at co-opting a racial identity, but Demi decided to confront the man regardless.

After approaching the man and clearly questioning him, Demi made jaws drop by reaching up and literally snatching his wig.

As Tommy tweeted, Demi’s reasoning was simple: “He went out in full-on blackface to a club, and we don’t condone that.”

Twitter collectively applauded this brave act of wig-snatching.

Of course, since this is the internet, people quickly went to work snooping on Demi’s timeline and managed to dig up some pretty unflattering old tweets.

Perhaps we can all agree that you can have both a questionable timeline and a bright, shining moment where you dish out some much-deserved justice?

After all, one wig snatch doesn’t rectify past questionable behavior — but it sure is satisfying to watch.