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Texas Man Hurls Racist Insults At Jack In The Box Employee After She Won’t Accept His Coupon

A free burger hardly seems like enough of a reason to pick a fight, let alone a fight laced with racial epithets — but, for one man in Texas, a free burger coupon was all the excuse he needed to go off on a fast food employee.

In a recent Facebook video posted by Lupita Rangel, a white guy is seen yelling at an employee in the Jack in the Box on Highway 6 and 288 in Manvel, Texas. Apparently, she refused to honor his son’s coupon for a free burger.

When the manager comes over to settle the altercation, the white guy can be heard telling the manager that the employee told his son “no,” and that she “lied her ass off.”

He can also be heard telling the woman to “buy a bus ticket back to wherever you came from.”

When it becomes clear that he’s losing this (totally fruitless) fight, he finishes his rant by telling the employee, “Hey, you’re going to get fired. What’s your name? Bye bye Maria, you’re going to get fired. Goodbye Maria, I’ll buy you a ticket back to Mexico.”

The man then exited the restaurant with his son in tow.

This video seems uncomfortably reminiscent of the recent racist tirade launched by a lawyer against an employee at a fast food lunch spot in New York — and serves as a reminder that this sort of behavior has become rampant in more parts of the country than many of us would care to admit.

While Jack in the Box has yet to release a statement on the incident, and the identity of the angry customer is still unknown.