Everyone Is Trying To Recreate This Girl’s ‘Trick Video’ On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

When something on the Internet is “wild” or “crazy,” everyone is going to try and recreate it somehow–especially when things go viral.

One Twitter user shared this confusing and pretty awesome video her sister created.

At first, I was hella confused because I had no idea how this girl managed to pull this off–like, I thought maybe they oiled up the bathroom floor, or possibly she had put an immense amount of lotion on her legs. But, luckily, the OP shared just how to do this.

You basically push off of something with your feet rather quickly, but, you use the Snapchat feature to “reverse” your movement.

Everyone on Twitter began making their own versions of this hilarious video, basically meme-ing it.

Try it out for yourself and send us your best ones!