Tomi Lahren Called A Democratic Congressman “Limp D**k” And Tried To Delete It But The Internet Never Forgets

“Referring to her Instagram as her ‘personal Instagram’ is absolutely absurd and a cop out,” journalist Yashar Ali stated on Twitter. “It’s a public Instagram account that is verified. Her social media presence is a big part of the reason why she has a Fox News contract.”

While it’s somewhat comforting to laugh over the fact that Lahren’s “deleted” rant is still very much available for public consumption (this is, after all, the internet), it’s unlikely that Lahren is actually embarrassed by the footage. After all, spewing this kind of rhetoric is more or less her claim to fame, and her pool of extremist fans lap it up on a regular basis.

We elected someone who bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy” — is it really any wonder that we (as a whole) have also elevated a commentator who uses the phrases like “limp-dick” when discussing political rivals?