Tea Party Nutjob Michele Bachmann Asked For A Sign From God And She Got A Damn Billboard

You may recall former Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann as the wild-eyed Tea Party true believer and anti-vaxxer who repeatedly embarrassed herself in her aborted run for president in 2012

In a grim portent of Trump’s ascendancy in GOP politics, she briefly surged in the polls as one of the top choices for the Republican nomination before flaming out

Bachmann returned to the House of Representatives only to retire in 2015 under a cloud of ethics investigations for misusing campaign funds.

But now she’s back, baby!

After Democratic Minnesota senator Al Franken resigned following accusations of improper conduct, Bachmann floated the idea of returning to politics. In an interview with accused rapist and convicted evangelical con-artist Jim Bakker, Bachmann announced she was praying to God for advice on whether she should return to “the swamp” at a time when it’s so “toxic.”

“The question is: Am I being called to do this now?” Bachmann wondered aloud to Jim Bakker, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Blessedly, “God” gave Bachmann the sign she’s been waiting for this week in the form of a giant, unmissable billboard located at 1579 University Ave West in St. Paul, Minnesota

The billboard was a joke by “God” a twitter comedian who runs a satirical website, The Good Lord Above

“God” crowd-sourced the funds to send the message to the conservative former congresswoman, which you can donate to here. He may not be the real God, but she should take the advice anyway and stick to conning people in the private sector. We can only speculate about Bachmann’s real motivations for flirting with a return to politics, but the “swamp” being “toxic” for her is definitely not one of them…

Corruption in Washington has exploded under the Trump administration, cabinet secretaries are using public money for posh private planes

Emergency no-bid contracts are being passed out to shady, incompetent cronies

Agency heads are indulging in insider trading

Not to mention the good, old-fashioned nepotism and self-dealing

And that’s just a whiff of the noxious swamp gas of corruption blowing through D.C. Honestly it’s no surprise Bachmann, who was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, the FEC, and the FBI for misusing campaign funds, wants to get back in on the grift. Far from being “toxic” the swamp is thriving.