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Looks Like Tomi Lahren’s Great-Great-Grandfather Was An Illegal Immigrant


You may know Fox News talking head Tomi Lahren as the “free speech advocate” who hates “snowflakes” but fills her diaper whenever a black football player peacefully exercises his right to free speech

Or you may know her as the fierce opponent of Obamacare who was still on her parent’s healthcare plan thanks to… Obamacare

Or you may know her as the flawless logician who defended Trump’s “shithole countries” remark only to get mercilessly dunked on

Now let me introduce you to “Tomi Lahren, descendant of illegal immigrants”!

Liberal political blog Wonkette did a little digging into Tomi’s history and discovered her great-great-grandfather, Constantin Dietrich, was indicted for forging immigration papers

It turns out Great-great-grandpa Constantin, an immigrant from Russia, waited too long to file his declaration of intention to become a citizen so he changed the date from 1909 to 1911 on his papers. He got caught and was indicted by a South Dakota grand jury on two counts of “willfully, unlawfully and knowingly” making false claims related to naturalization and forging his paperwork. (Oops!)

Lucky for Tomi, when Constantin’s case came to trial the jurors summoned the common sense and class his great-great-granddaughter lacks and found him not guilty

Unfortunately that means the rest of us have to live with someone whose entire reason for existence is reactionary trolling and obtuse, attention-grabbing tweets.

But it’s also a good lesson in how skewed the debate over immigration has gotten. Forging immigration papers to beat an arbitrary deadline is definitely not good, but it’s also not a violent crime, more like a “dishonest mistake.” There are people living in the United States now guilty of less and being deported for honest mistakes (sometimes even other people’s mistakes).

Moreover, DACA recipients were brought here as children and aren’t criminals. Forcing them to live in a country they’ve never been to would be just as insane as shipping Tomi Lahren back to Russia (even though she’d land a sweet gig on state TV).

In conclusion: