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Twitter Is Calling Bullsh*t On The Results From Trump’s First Presidential Physical

Trump’s reported weight has people rolling with laughter.

When President Trump isn’t ruining Twitter, working on his (golf) handicap, or drinking an entire sorority mini-fridge’s worth of Diet Coke, he likes to brag. You may recall during the election Trump’s personal physician (who looks like the guy who hands out orange slices in the first aid tent at a Grateful Dead show) asserted he would be the healthiest president “ever.” Naturally, people couldn’t wait until the president’s first physical by an actual military doctor (or at least one not on Trump’s payroll) so they could get the receipts. Well, the wait is over!

Today Dr. Ronny Jackson, the president’s personal physician, briefed the press on Trump’s fitness (fatness?) and the White House press corps couldn’t wait

Some people had their own questions they wanted answered

Dr. Jackson said the president was 6’3″ tall and weighed 239 pounds, which… raised some eyebrows

Twitter did the math and discovered there might be some compelling evidence for why the number was low

A weight of 239 pounds brings Trump’s BMI just a single pound short of being clinically obese. The extra inch (or more?) in height could be doing some of the, uh, heavy lifting here too. At any rate, this is probably the only number associated with Trump that he won’t wildly exaggerate.

There’s even a term for everyone who’s questioning the results: “Girthers”

These shady vitals started to cast some doubt on some of the other findings from the physical