Tomi Lahren’s Embarrassing Anti-Gun Control Tweet Got Obliterated By A Military Man

Fox News screaming head Tomi Lahren is back in the news for tweeting something spectacularly stupid. At least this time she’s not mocking the survivors of a school shooting, just mocking anyone else who wants to do anything about it.

Tomi Lahren last made news right after the Florida school shooting by getting dunked on by the teenage survivors of the Parkland massacre:

Well said.

Now she’s back for more. In a fit of feigned outrage, Tomi tweeted that the “AR” in “AR-15” does NOT stand for “assault rifle,” the PC term is “ARMALITE rifle,” you morons!

“See the problem?” Whoa, checkmate, gun control over forever I guess.

The idea that you have to pass some “gun expert test,” including correctly naming every part of a gun, before you can talk about gun control is another worn out anti-gun control trope on the right. It’s not so much an argument as a trial statement of identity, and it’s laughable on its face. (I can’t tell you exactly how these words magically travel through the air to your phone, but I still think ending net neutrality is stupid.)

Thankfully, author and security contractor Myke Cole was there to shut her right the hell down.

Cole, who served as a security contractor in Iraq and is also on the CBS show Hunted, let Tomi know he was comfortable around guns, but definitely not comfortable with her having one. Thankfully, he’s got all the trademarks of traditional masculinity to make him someone Tomi takes seriously, which I’m sure she will! She’s in this for the discourse, guys, that’s why she wants to make sure we’re all using the correct terms. She’s definitely not just shouting bumper sticker slogans into a void.

While Cole’s tweet may have crushed her, the rest of Twitter went on to mock poor Tomi (again):

Nothing brings us together like shouting at vapid morons on the internet together, it’s a wonderful time to be alive.

This post originally appeared on Woke Sloth.