The Internet Is In An Uproar Over The 1,500 Immigrant Children The U.S. Government ‘Lost’

This week, reports broke that the U.S. Government managed to lose almost 1,500 children taken from their families at the United States border.

When families with small children are taken into custody at the border, or if children try to escape their country on their own, they are placed in a sponsor home–or the home of a relative or family friend–while awaiting trial on their case. However, many of these children apparently are “missing.”

According to Steven Wagner, assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families–officials in the administration were “unable to locate” 1,475 children who were placed in homes between October and December 2017.

However, officials also state that once children are placed in homes to await the outcome of their asylum cases–they are not “legally responsible” for them. Instead, they believe it is the responsibility of the sponsor or the relative to keep track of the children.

Many reports have also indicated that children may have “run away” from the homes they were placed in. However, children in many homes were being “sexually and physically abused,” and although reports were filed, no action was taken to remove these children from their unsafe homes.

Donald Trump, however, has blamed Democrates–citing a law enacted by Democrats that separate children from their parents. Also–of course–he plugged his “wall.”

Since the news broke, the Internet has been in an uproar over the new information and demands that the government work to find these missing children.

Some are comparing it to other historical events we should have “learned from.”

Others are fearing for the safety of the children, citing that human traffickers could have taken many of these innocent kids.