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Right-Wing Twitter Personality Gets Mocked For Unknowingly Posting A Memorial Day Meme Featuring Toy Soldiers

This is what happens when you overdose on MAGA.

Kambree Kawahine Koa (aka Kambree Nelson) is a right-wing “Twitter personality” and Daily Caller contributor who likes to post incendiary drivel like this gem, which seems to be shot in her garage for some reason?

In what looks like a hostage video, Kambree urges President Trump to “use all the laws” that are “at his fingertips” to put a stop to “Democratic terrorism,” so that’s the level of fever swamp we’re dealing with here.

Kambree, who has over 100k followers on Twitter, decided to use Memorial Day as an excuse to sh*t all over NFL players protesting police brutality by posting the following image:


Unfortunately, it turns out that’s not a soldier bravely rescuing his buddy, it’s a scene constructed using action figures by a cross-dressing artist who recreates lifelike miniatures in his backyard:

The artist, Mark Hogancamp, is a cross-dresser who liked to wear women’s nylons and high heels. In the year 2000, after revealing his penchant for women’s clothing at a bar, Hogancamp was viciously beaten by a gang of bigots and left for dead. He survived the attack, waking from a nine-day coma only to discover he had lost his memory. To cope with his new life he began constructing these vivid (and gruesome) tableaus of a fictional town during World War II.

Naturally, Twitter pounced on her lame attempt to limit patriotism and bravery to ideals that are only embodied by those in uniform:

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t even the first time someone’s used Hogancamp’s photograph to criticize marginalized groups. A man named Terry Coffey went viral in 2015 for using the picture to criticize… Caitlyn Jenner, of all people:


Thankfully, Coffey realized the error of his ways and posted a follow-up:


“I could have chosen any one of hundreds of photos depicting bravery, but I chose this one. Do I think it was an accident?

No, I don’t.

What happened to this man was cruel, wrong, and unforgivable.

Hate helps nothing

Love wounds no one

and God heals all.

(and irony makes you think)”

Elevating the rights of “the troops” over others and somehow suggesting that they deserve more freedoms than the people they’ve volunteered to protect is a pretty common practice on the right. Unfortunately for them, the bill of rights doesn’t come with an asterisk that says “ESPECIALLY for the troops.”