Twitter Is Hilariously Roasting This Conservative Pundit After She Attacked Meghan Markle

There’s a solid chance you have no idea who Katie Hopkins is–but consider yourself lucky.
The conservative pundit from the United Kingdom is, in fact, one of the worst people in the media currently (I’ll put her right next to Tomi Lahren). In the past, she’s had some ridiculously offensive, toxic, and racist comments on live-TV about black people, immigrants, and essentially anyone who isn’t a white conservative like herself.

Recently, after the Royal Wedding in the U.K., Hopkins tweeted a rather rude tweet about Meghan Markle, comparing her to her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. The tweet insinuated that Middleton has “more class” than Markle.

After the tweet, which was racist and in poor taste, many took to Twitter and called the “old broad” out for aging like–well, crap. You know what they say–being a racist drains your youth, and, Hopkins is the prime example of this. People online compared her to those who were younger than her–but, looked 10x better.