12 Dudes Reveal What Makes A Woman “Wife Material”

7. There’s no better elation than when it comes from elevation.

Someone who makes me better than I am

8. She has to be a Lethal Weapon.

Our first date, she wanted to watch Saw…

And when Danny Glover got his throat cut she forgot herself completely and cheered, fair to say she hates Danny Glover.

This girl is not afraid to be herself, and that is sexy as hell to me.

9. Don’t be mean is what he means.

How they treat others, especially when there is nothing to gain. Looks will fade over time, but things like kindness and respect for each other should always be there.

10. So just be, like, perfect and amazing then?

Someone I learn from and stimulates me. Someone who a son would know what to see in a woman and a daughter would look up to be one day.

11. If your body is a wonderland, but like, a smart, ethical one.

Intelligence. A sense of humor which tends to come with smarts. Honesty. Ethics. A huggable playground of a body that I can do stuff to.

12. Binge-worthy.

That she likes to pretend with me to be on my never ending TV show “chillin wit bb”