Comedian Paul Feig Is Very Confused By Headline About Kim Kardashian–And So Are We

Kim Kardashian always makes headlines for things she does on an everyday basis. Her entire brand and empire are built off of letting people into “her world.” Both she and her sisters have marketed themselves as not only celebrities but also, their fans’ friends. By being completely accessible on social media and always sharing their day-to-day experiences, they allow their fans to feel completely involved in their lives, businesses, and even family/relationships. It’s a pretty smart strategy for a family who has built a million dollar brand off of their fans and followers. And, still, people are confused as what they do and how they do it.

Recently, Entertainment Tonight tweeted this headline about Kim Kardashian:

And, it’s caused some confusion online. Comedian Paul Feig tweeted he “didn’t understand anything in this headline,” and, at first glance, it looks confusing. Why would anyone care that Kim Kardashian posed nude in body glitter after having a churro tasting? Well, most people wouldn’t.

But, in case you’re curious as to what went down:

Kim Kardashian shared her day at a churro tasting on her Snapchat account. While it seems stupid to some, Kim makes a lot of money by promoting brands/companies on her social media account and telling her fans (as though they’re her friends) that they need to go to a specific place and try a specific thing. Of course, the commentary from Scott Disick is appreciated for a good laugh: ““I bet your viewers have seen something like that before.”

Churros Frenzy #kimkardashian

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Following her Churro tasting, Kim shared on her Snapchat account to share some behind-the-scenes shots of a photoshoot for her makeup line, Kim Kardashian West Beauty. She posed naked in body glitter to promote her line of contour highlights and glosses – which, also sparkle like glitter.

Ultralight Beams – Conture Highlights & Glosses – Dec 1st .. KKW Beauty #kimkardashian #kkwbeauty

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So, you may not understand headlines that feature Kim Kardashian and her everyday routines, but, fans and followers who like the Kardashians live for that sh*t. And, after making over $30 million last year, she’s not doing a bad job.