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You’ll Cringe At These 20 True Stories Of People Meeting Their S.O.’s Family

Meeting the parents is a watershed moment in any relationship — it means things are getting serious. But that doesn’t make it any less awkward. It’s terrifying, weird, and uncomfortable having to make small talk and be charming to the mom and dad of the person you’re boning on the regular. Your stories might be bad, but probably no worse than the experiences revealed on AskReddit.

1. If she knew she was gonna meet the parents that day, she probably wouldn’t have had sex with him.

I was at my ex’s house while his mother was away (we were both 20) and we were having sex quite happily and loudly. After we both finished, and I was laying half-on top of him, the door opened and his mother stared at us from outside his room. She had this cold smirk on her lips, turned to her son, simply said “Hey X, congratulations, but keep it down, will ya?” and walked away.

I was so embarassed, I got dressed in record time, trying to sneak out as fast and quietly as possible, and I didn’t even put on my underwear to save time. She was waiting for me at the kitchen, looking way too amused by the situation. As I passed by, she coughed to get my attention and said “You must be Z. Let’s have a chat, shall we?” as she patted a chair for me to sit. I had no choice but to sit down, panties and bra in hand, and talk to her for the first time. TL;DR My ex’s mom caught us having sex, then forced me in a convo with her while I was still holding my underwear.

2. Oh sheeeeeeeet.

Aged 15, I met a boyfriend’s mum & stayed over in their spare room. Clean white sheets; menstruated all over them in the night.

3. Imagine your worst bathroom emergency. Now make it twice as traumatic.

I went to Virginia to meet my husband’s mom for the first time and we stayed at her house. She showed us around and I excused myself to use the bathroom. I flushed the toilet and it made a weird sound but I thought it wasn’t a big deal. They were talking about some pictures in the hallway not to far away and after a minute or two I notice water is coming from under the door of the bathroom. I just stood there thinking about how horrible this was going to be when his mom noticed and ran in. The toilet overflowed and my poop was on the floor. She said don’t worry about it, go in the living room. I sat in the living room horrified and wondered how this could happen the first hour of our week long stay. When I went to check on things it was like it never happened. She cleaned everything up including my poop and we’ve never talked about it in the last eight years.

4. When you can’t “swap” them for other parents.

My worst meet the parents situation was several years ago. I walk into his house and notice framed photos on the wall. All of them were stills from when they were on the show “Wife Swap”. That in and of itself is no big deal, until I saw the episode, but then father approached me and I stuck out my hand to shake and he just looks me up and down, turns to his son and says, “Is she a subscriber to “The Way.’” Later on we are all having dinner and his sister is telling the parents how she heard I was a whore and they attempt to evangelize me.

5. Just because things start out racist doesn’t mean they have to end that way.

I’m Mexican. My wife is white. I met her family for the first time when we started to date at her Aunt’s annual Halloween party.

My wife’s parents didn’t know I was going to be there. They were dressed up as Mexicans. As in full-on colorful sarapes, sombreros, dark wigs and her dad has the thickest fake moustache. They walk in, my wife is speechless. Her parents look at me and the whole house gets quiet.

I look at them for a second, pause, then ask: “Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?”. Everyone started laughing. The rest of the night was a blast and they’re the coolest in-laws ever.