Just 20 Perfect Tweets For When You’re Laying In Bed Staring At Your Phone

Okay, so, there’s a decent chance that you’re laying in bed, staring at your phone right now.

Don’t look at me like that — you know you’re guilty.

And hey, no judgment! Haters may say otherwise, by laying in bed and staring at your phone is an underrated form of modern meditation and relaxation. (Unless you have insomnia and should be sleeping, in which case it’s an addictive, neverending nightmare.)

Either way, here are some delightfully entertaining tweets to keep you laughing until you start to bother your roommate and/or significant other. Because if you’re going to curl up in your bed like a warm, little cinnamon bun, you might as well have something funny to read.

So, go ahead. Prop yourself up with that extra pillow. You deserve it.