Trump Responds To Joe Biden’s ‘Threats’ With Some Twitter Smack Talk Of His Own

This timeline is by far the stupidest one out of all possible timelines. The fact that cable news is going to be covering fake macho posturing from Trump and Biden all day makes me want to claw my eyes out.

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke in front of the University of Miami college democrats where he made a comment that he’d like to take Trump “behind the gym” and “beat the hell out of him” for bragging about sexual assault on the Access Hollywood tape. His comments come shortly after the 43 minute mark here:

It’s a pretty juvenile thing to say, and something Biden’s mentioned before on the campaign trail in 2016.

Obviously, Donald Trump reacted with the grace and maturity befitting his august office. Jk, he freaked out and threatened to beat Biden up!

This tweet has everything: a stupid nickname (I thought “Crazy Bernie” was the crazy one?), playing the victim (“I’m being threatened with assault!), bragging about what a tough guy he is while attacking someone for the same macho posturing. Really classic stuff.

These two 70-somethings aren’t going to have an old man brawl (for one it would pose an interesting conundrum for both their Secret Service details), but this is just how stupid things have gotten.

Naturally, Twitter had jokes about the old man fight: