This ‘Build A Perfect Man’ Meme Is Way Too Real For All The Single People Out There

If you’ve been navigating the dating scene recently, then you know that there are only so many dreamy qualities to go around when it comes to choosing a romantic partner. Sure, the person in question might be funny and good-looking — but if that’s the case, there’s no way in hell they also have a job. This is such a pervasive reality that people have actually started making memes (both ironic and unironic) about the phenomenon.

The meme which asks people to build the “perfect man” on a highly restrictive budget, which ultimately only allows for the partner to have undesirable/preposterous/cartoon-like characteristics, has definitely been around for a minute.

However, this week, it experienced a resurgence. Once again, people are given a shoestring budget on which to build romantic partners based on completely unsexy fictional characters. (Which, if you’ve been on Tinder recently, probably hits way too close to home.)

The trollish meme almost assuredly inspired by tweets and Tumblr posts which basically imply that, when choosing a guy, you can only “afford” so many desirable characteristics — whereas the undesirable characteristics are generally plentiful. However, I think we can all agree that this version is far more entertaining.