Mom’s Story About Finding A Mysterious Object On Her Doorstep Is Truly Horrifying

As a general rule of thumb, when I stumble upon something gross, I try to avoid touching it and/or picking it up. I feel like that’s of the basic takeaways from Alien.

However, Indiana mom and Twitter user @keplyq apparently forgot this rule when she recently stumbled upon a bizarre, turkey leg-shaped object on her front porch.

According to Twitter,  @keplyq found a strange piece of natural, plantlike material on her front stoop roughly two weeks ago, and was utterly baffled.

Instead of subscribing to my personal rule of DON’T F**KING TOUCH IT, this curious investigator decided to put the bizarre turkey leg in a plastic bag and take it to work, in the hopes that it might be identified.

(Again, once you realize that the object in question is sweating, that’s a pretty obvious sign that you should dropkick that sh*t back to Mother Nature.)

Everything came to a head roughly a week later, when @keplyq was driving her kids to the library.

Nope, nope, nope, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.

Fortunately, @keplyq‘s husband was willing to vacuum out the demonic worms. (HERO.)

That said, the worms may be (mostly) gone, but they are not forgotten …

To this day, @keplyq is still finding worms.

Oh, and don’t worry — there are pics.

Some people offered possible explanations as to what the mysterious, cursed object might be.

Others shared their own, similar horror stories.

But mostly, everyone was just frightened and disgusted.

What a saga.

So, yeah … let this be a lesson: picking up weird, unidentifiable objects is rarely a solid idea.

And leaving them to roast for a week in your car? Even less so.