Rihanna Just Shared A Bizarre Photo That Has Twitter Divided Over Its Cryptic Message

Rihanna doesn’t have to explain herself to us. She owes us nothing, and we should simply be unquestioningly happy with her mere existence.

Unless, you know, she offers up purposefully cryptic images with zero explanation. In which case, WE REQUIRE ANSWERS, RIRI.

Recently, Rihanna shared a mysterious pic with her social media followers, accompanied by the caption, “didn’t they tell u?”

It’s somewhat unclear what we’re looking at, here. Is this a powder compact? A potential album cover? A piece of art? Maybe all three??

Twitter was collectively baffled, and people demanded answers.

Some theorized that this was a harbinger of new Rihanna music.

Others were more focused on deciphering the image itself, and hypothesized that it was a titillating snapshot of RiRi’s cleavage reflected in a small compact mirror.

Personally? I think that we should all remember that Rihanna has been pretty preoccupied with her Fenty beauty line, and that it’s highly possible that this photo is a low-fi shot of a soon-to-be-released highlighter or some other wonderful makeup product that I can’t afford.

Just a thought!

Either way, I think we can all agree that Rihanna has successfully piqued our collective interest (as she knew she would).