People Are Sharing The Grossest And Weirdest Things They’ve Seen Strangers Do On Public Transit And I’m Gagging

Using public transit is a great way to mitigate your carbon footprint and save money on vehicular expenses. Unfortunately, it’s also a great way to get grossed out on a daily basis.

Recently, Twitter users began sharing the most unpleasant and annoying things they’d seen someone do on a train or bus — and it’s pretty clear that many human beings are utterly oblivious when it comes to respecting a public space packed with people.

It started when Daily Mirror journalist Aaron Flanagan noticed a man sitting across from him on the train, cutting his nails and letting the clippings fly all over the place.

Um, ew. Keep your crusty fingernail bits to yourself, please!

The photo prompted others to relay stories of their own unpleasant encounters on public transit — and the stories were even more bizarre than errant fingernail clippings.

Seriously, don’t you people have bathrooms in your apartments for this sort of thing??

Popping zits is a task which should be relegated to the privacy of a bathroom mirror, please and thank you.

Obviously, some people simply aren’t bothered by hordes of nasty germs in public spaces.

But, as all New Yorkers can tell you with confidence, that’s the caveat of reliable public transportation — you never know WHAT you’re gonna see.

But, please: let this be a reminder to think twice before you decided to attend to your personal hygiene/hunger on a train, bus or subway. Just because we’re crammed in here with you doesn’t mean we all need to become familiar with your smelly egg sandwich or your bare toes.