30+ Mini-Disasters Every Broke College Student Goes Through At Least 3x A Semester

16. Grades take forever to go up after finals week, so you have no idea if you need summer classes or can actually relax.

15. Your tuition is so damn expensive, you have to work while going to school–and always have to pull all-nighters for deadlines.

14. When you decide to take “one night off” from studying, you get a pop quiz the next day.

13. You always use your money for the wrong thing–like beers at happy hour instead of the book your professor sprung on you last week.

12. You think going to the library will help you concentrate, but everyone looks so miserable there, you’d rather stay home.

11. You accidentally schedule classes back-to-back that are on complete opposite ends of campus–with only 10 minutes to get to the next building.

10. Whenever you have more than one class in a day, the weather plays games with you and you’re underdressed, overdressed, or forget an umbrella.

9. In the winter, there’s barely any heat in the classrooms.

8. In the summer, the air is always broken.

7. When you have to go to the bathroom and someone is in the one private bathroom you know of on campus.

6. There’s never any parking when you’re running late for your lecture.

5. And, the parking lot is like bumper cars.

4. When your “class friend” is absent and you have no one to talk to or partner up with.

3. You forgot to save the number of one of the kids in your political science class and now you have no one to ask “WTF IS THE HOMEWORK?!?”

2. By the time you’re a senior, you realized you never interned and now you’re probably screwed when it comes to applying for jobs.

1. You forget to pack lunch and are forced to eat “caf food,” aka a one-way ticket to the toilet.