30+ Mini-Disasters Every Broke College Student Goes Through At Least 3x A Semester

When you’re younger, you hear crazy, amazing, and epic stories about “going to college.” Whether you go away or stay home for school, college is said to be this incredible experience that changes you and makes you a better person. Then, when you get to college, you realize that everything you’ve heard is a lie and you’re hungry, poor, tired, and can’t seem to figure life out.

Let’s face it–college can be the worst time of your life. Day after day, week after week–it’s pretty hard to deal. If you can relate, tag your dormmate, roommate, or the kid you cheated off of in Stats.

 38. You realize week one of classes your freshman year that college is not all it’s cracked up to be.

37. By the time you’re a sophomore, people are already asking you about grad school.

36. Picking a major is like Russian Roulette.

35. You end up changing your major at least once, or twice.

34. Trying to schedule your classes is always a mission impossible.

33. Your school’s website/Blackboard is always down when you need it the most–like when a paper is due. Or the register for classes.

32. You’ve been there–where you forget your registration date and get closed out of classes you need.

31. Taking 4-5 classes seems smart to graduate on time until finals week comes along and you’re living on coffee IV’s and vending machine chips.

30. Your college advisor always tells you that you’re not on the right track, even though you’re pretty sure you are…you think.

29. You want to always skip your 8 A.M. class.

28. But, then you remember how much you’re paying for tuition.