30+ Mini-Disasters Every Broke College Student Goes Through At Least 3x A Semester

27. And, textbooks.

26. When you order a used textbook online for less money, you realize it doesn’t come with the CD you need for the class.

25. Quizlet is your BFF for take-home exams…until you realize that your take-home test isn’t from Quizlet and you actually have to study.

24. People say your GPA doesn’t matter in the workforce, but your Professors say otherwise.

23. That one Professor that cancels classes all the time, but never moves due dates.

22. You thought your Professor wouldn’t notice you sleeping during your 350+ person lecture, but then you receive an email from him hours after class ends.

21. “Turn it in” is a death sentence to any procrastinator.

20. The minute a Professor says “I’m not using MLA” and “using APA” instead, you start to panic.

19. When a Professor’s not on “Rate My Professor,” you want to immediately drop the class.

18. You think “Come see me during my office hours,” sounds like a prison sentence.

17. No matter how many notes you take, you can’t seem to find the one thing you need for the study guide.