Man Takes A Slow, Unfortunate Spill Down Some Steps And Into The Water At A Work Event

I’m a sucker for watching people fall down — truly, I think there is no greater comedic gift. I appreciate a good stand-up set or a smartly-written sitcom, but in the end, all I really want to see are videos of actual people accidentally falling down. So, it should really come as no surprise that one man’s recent on-camera embarrassment has become my (and your!) good fortune.

Apparently, Twitter user James Moss was attending a teambuilding event in London when he decided to approach the Thames with one of his coworkers. What happened next can only be described as the most embarrassing slip ‘n slide of all time.

Check out this excruciatingly slow fall:

The best part is definitely is James’ friend, just standing there and watching as his mate slowly slides into the water. Not even lifting a finger. Sorry, bro!

So, not only did James have a mortifying fall on camera, but he also came out of the situation with a completely soaked outfit. However, judging from that laugh behind the camera, this team-building event can officially be considered a total success!

Twitter sympathized with James (though they were charmed by the cameraman’s delightful laugh, as well).

Even Chrissy Teigen chimed in to applaud the absurd physical comedy and the infectious laugh.

Look: sometimes, you’re going to take off your shirt and accidentally slide into the Thames. It’s just life. And in those instances, the least you can hope for are some friends who will capture it on video so that you can finally go viral.

That’s what I’ve always said, anyway.