Dad Chaperones His Daughter’s 5th Grade Trip And Live-Tweets The Absolute Chaos That Occurs

Every parent knows that going on a school trip as a parent chaperone is not something we look forward to.
While it’s nice to spend time with our kids, it’s also rather annoying to have to take care of other people’s kids. Plus, who knows what kind of animals these rugrats can be–we don’t know how their parents are raising them behind closed doors and I’m certainly not trying to chase little Timmy around a museum for three hours–nope, no thanks. Nonetheless, every parent succumbs to the inevitable and signs up to chaperone a trip when need be.

One dad decided it would be the perfect solution to live-tweet the entire adventure to the science museum with his daughter’s class on Twitter. Simon Smith signed up to help take his daughter and her 60 classmates to the Science Museum and by the looks of his Twitter feed, it was no piece of cake adventure.

Smith started his day at a bright and bushy 8:47 a.m. and learned he had to watch six different kids on this trip.

Of course, he gets seated next to the kid with motion sickness.

And, of course, everyone needs to pee right when they leave.


And, the overheard conversations–or “eat piss”–are pretty…well…

Kids ask the darndest questions, am I right?

Bring on the farts.


Of course, someone cries.

His own daughter is even being the worst.

And, inevitably, someone got sick.

Cue the “are we there yet” questions!

He immediately regrets signing up.

He looks…happy?

And, to top it all off…

They are nowhere near “there yet.”

The trip just went downhill from there.

Thanks for the details, squirt.



Well, it happens.

Word to the wise: don’t volunteer to chaperone your kid’s trip. Thanks for the tip, Simon!