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Fiona The Baby Hippo Has Just Made A New Friend, And She Wins The Internet Once Again

If you don’t know who Fiona the hippo is, you’re clearly sleeping on the Internet and viral photos. The hippo who lives at the Cincinnati Zoo is one of the sassiest and hilarious animals we’ve ever seen. From their funny videos that they post of her, to the cute pictures from zoo-goers, we know our girl Fiona is clearly living her best life.

Two of Fiona's favorite things – the hose and being sassy! #teamfiona

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Fiona went pretty viral when she was caught on camera during this couple’s engagement – look how adorable she is photobombing their love.

The Cincinnati Zoo has also featured Fiona in a bunch of other things, such as her own show on Facebook and constantly posting about her on social media.

Seeing as Fiona is less than a year old, that’s quite the climb to fame. Recently, however, Fiona made the most adorable friend (and clearly made a little girl’s day) when they shared a kiss at the zoo.

This may be the cutest thing you see all weekend! #TeamFiona #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo

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With over 34,000 likes and 600+ comments, clearly, people are living for this baby hippo. Keep doing you, Fiona, everyone loves you.