Brave Corgi Does A ‘Trust Fall’, And The Internet Is In Love

Repeal of Net Neutrality be damned, the internet has democratized communications and media forever. Thanks to the rise of social media like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, and infinite DIY content dissemination services like YouTube and Tumblr, there are no more media gatekeepers and anybody can be a star, so long as they’re giving the people what they want.

Dogs are what we’re getting at here. Thanks to the internet, dogs can be celebrities, for better or for worse. But mostly for better, because dogs are cute, dogs are fun, and dogs are awesome.

One of the most famous and popular dogs on the internet is Arya the Corgi. The most notable example of the squat-legged, big-tongued breed that isn’t part of Queen Elizabeth II’s menagerie of pooches, Arya is a four-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi that lives in Los Angeles with some humans. She has more than 28,000 Instagram followers, which should be a lot more, because her posts consist of wonderful stuff like this:

Corgi the Pooh is wishing you a happy Halloween! ? @disneypets

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Last week, Arya’s popularity exploded. Inspired by a video of lesser famous, lesser dog (a Golden Retriever, so technically bigger, but still), Arya’s human overseer taught Arya a new trick: How to do a trust fall. Now Arya can get a boring office job and go on one of those team-building retreats! Except that Arya is much cuter at the trust fall than, say, when Mark in HR does it.