These Examples Of Pictures You Take Of Your Friends Vs. The Ones They Take Of You Are Too Real

There are many implicit duties that accompany a friendship. Holding your friend’s hair back while they drunkenly vomit, for example, is a classic duty. Rescuing them when an undesirable individual is hitting on them at a bar is yet another important friendship duty. However, one of the most-shirked of all the friendship duties is that of the personal photographer, who is tasked with capturing their friends at their most aesthetically pleasing (read: hot). While it sounds like a simple job, you’d be surprised at how many friends totally suck at it.

Recently, Twitter user @JeffJoseph96 shared the unfortunate disparity between the photo that he took of his friend, and the photo that his friend took of him.

The observation triggered others to air their grievances with their own photographically-challenged friend groups.

Like, seriously. How hard is it to care that your friend looks good in a photo? FIND THEIR BEST LIGHTING, PEOPLE.

Honestly, I see why selfies have become so popular — because if there’s one person you can count on to make sure you look good in photos, it’s your own damn self.

Don’t be afraid of using the “burst” feature on your phone, guys — because when you’re taking a photo of your friend, even if you aren’t a gifted photographer, the least you can do is give them a few options.