21 Things Confounded Foreigners Can’t Believe Are Normal To Americans

16. Way to get real, KevlarGorilla. They’re working on it.

Charging tens of thousands of dollars per day to stay in the hospital, and bankrupting people when they suffer a heart attack.

17. Alocholicdogethrower might actually be a tourism rep from Dallas, because this sounds like fun to a lot of us. (Real talk: wild hogs are dangerous af.)

In Texas they shoots wild hogs from helicopters with military grade weapons

18. Dirtyburgg has been converted and will gladly attend your Thanksgiving.

Eat waffles (and maple syrup) with chicken. Or that sweet potato and marshmallow thing you guys do. Weird, but yum.

19. This is, again, because we just have so much to get done.

It’s seems walking down the road even to get milk is unheard of, a car must be used.

20. On the other hand, Beastleh, you should see how British people react to the word ‘fanny.’

Get offended SUPER BAD from the word cunt