21 Things Confounded Foreigners Can’t Believe Are Normal To Americans

6. Whatever, thisimpetus, we’re an interesting topic. Americans just happen to love talkin’ bout Americans.

Repost this question about themselves once a month on Reddit.

7. AnthillOmbudsman brings up an old favorite.

Have children stand in front of a flag, using a prescribed salute, and chant a pledge to the flag.

8. Stileutenantprincess should create a “Make America British Again” super PAC.

I’m British and if a political candidate started talking about how “God meant for me to” or put a huge emphasis on their faith in their campaign then they’d be seen as a few crumbs short of the full biscuit.

9. Seeyouyeah reminds us that guns are not for funs in most parts of the world.

Am English, and if I told my friends I was carrying a gun they’d fear for my sanity, and ask who I was planning to shoot and why.

10. Americans have places to be, partytimebro.

Making a right turn at a red light.