21 Things Confounded Foreigners Can’t Believe Are Normal To Americans

11. TheMusketDood innocently pointed out that the USA is huge compared to other places.

Take 400 plus mile trips like it’s nothing, in a lot of other places you can end up in another country, that speaks a different language and uses a different currency.

12. Candydaze brings up an old grievance that people in Delaware don’t worry about.

You don’t put tax on the price of items at the shops – you’re expected to work it out for yourself.

I know exactly how much my groceries will come to when I get to the till. If it’s small, I’ll have the exact change ready. Knowing exactly what you’re going to be charged feels like it should be a legal right.

13. Uh, Ser_Rodrick_Cassel? Are you talking about a garbage disposal, or did you go abroad with a serial killer?

the death machine under the sink that they use so nonchalantly

14. 77remix probably got tricked into tipping at a McDonald’s.

Tipping someone at a restaurant or for a service

15. VeganPowerViolence has some sort of pro-food agenda that Americans will never understand.

The obscene amounts of food that Americans throw in the trash every day.